Denver fitness classes at The Oxford Club are tailored to meet any schedule or fitness level. Our trained instructors bring you the latest classes and provide a sense of camaraderie and support in a comfortable, state-of-the-art setting. Please see our class descriptions and monthly schedule at right to learn more. Please note that all class offerings and schedules are subject to change. Feel free to contact The Oxford Club, one of the top Denver fitness clubs.

Denver Fitness Center

Group Classes

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Descriptions of our Denver Fitness Classes

Arm Balances & Inversion Yoga: A class designed for intermediate to advanced students that wish to be playful and explore fun arm balances and inversions. Class will feel more playful, and a tad less formal, allowing students to explore more advanced poses while having fun. Music will keep students excited, and heat-building sun salutations warm everyone up. This class is just 45 minutes, enough to feel challenged yet balanced!

Band Pilates: This class is traditional Pilates class which is designed to strengthen your core powerhouse muscles with a cutting edge twist of resistance bands for intensity. Guaranteed to produce results!

Barre & Band Class: This class will work your body like you have never experienced.  Come join us for a 45 minute full body workout utilizing resistance bands and the bar to strengthen, sculpt and tone your muscles.

Core Power Workout: A Total Body Workout designed to tone, sculpt, and strengthen every major muscle group. A combination of Crossfit & Boot Camp principles are incorporated to build core muscle strength and the class designed for elite and professional athletes. This class complements your regular workout routines and pushes your strength and flexibility to new heights.

FitBarre: A total body workout that slims your hips, tightens your thighs and lifts your seat. Using ballet movements, intelligent isometrics, change in rhythm/range of motion and progressive core training.

Group Power: This class caters to the participants and can be either simple or advanced depending on the skill levels of those students who are present on any given day. This is the perfect blend of step aerobics interspersed with strength-building intervals.

HIIT Training: HIIT class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided.

Outdoor Body Blast: Join our top-notch fitness instructors for an outdoor class in LoDo, Riverfront and Confluence Park. Classes include running, cardio and boot camp type training. These high intensity, fat burning, muscle building classes are sure to get you in your best shape yet!

Pilates Mat: These high-concentration classes aim to strengthen and stabilize core muscles of the trunk while also toning, strengthening, and lengthening the muscles of the extremities.

Power Abs: This class not only streamlines your waist by getting rid of the flab, but also adds deep abdominal muscle. This class will help you strengthen and tighten the most important muscles in your body, located in your core, through strength, flexibility and balance.

Power Yoga: This high energy class combines flowing classical yoga postures, Sun Salutations, and core strengthening movements to heat the body, while maintaining focus on the breath. Some yoga experience is suggested.

Ski & Snowboard Conditioning: Don’t let your legs quit early on a powder day! This class focuses on strengthening the body for endurance to ensure a safe winter sports season, and includes both weight training and cardio components.

Spin Yoga: A hybrid workout combining the benefits of both spin and yoga.   Enjoy 30 minutes of interval training on the spin bike to get your heart rate up to burn fat then enjoy 30 minutes of Yoga to stretch out and tone the muscles you worked.  This 60 minute class is a complete mind and body work out.

Sports Fit: An intense workout routine that focuses on the coordinative, metabolic, and strength of sport. This class will give the participants all the essential aspects of physical preparation to succeed in any sport.

Stamina, Strength and Flexibility: A high-intensity workout that focuses on increasing flexibility and cardiovascular health while improving strength and stamina. You will use a combination of your own body’s weight and freeweights.

Sunrise Yoga: Rise up and create your day with this energizing yoga class that focuses on deep breathing practices, warm ups and sun salutations. This morning class also incorporates deep stretches to restore the mind and prepare the body for the day ahead. Offered to all levels of students.

The Oxford Spin: Cycling sessions to build stamina and strength.  Workouts are fun, energizing and are a great calorie burner.  Instructors cue students to alter the pedaling resistance to simulate different terrains and use different positions for an overall lower body workout.

Vinyasa “Flow Yoga”: Vinyasa is a “flow” based practice in that students will “flow” from one asana to the next. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning “connection” this is interpreted as a connection between movement and breath. In our Vinyasa class we will make a mind body connection by flowing from one pose to the next using our breath. This class moves, so be ready to work!

Yoga 101: This class includes a well-rounded collection of breath techniques and classical yoga postures designed to increase alignment, strength, and flexibility, while maintaining focused concentration to balance the mind and body. This all level class welcomes new students as well as the seasoned practitioner.

Yoga for Athletes: This challenging yoga class focuses on classical yogic breath techniques and postures designed to increase heat, strength, and stability, by utilizing core muscle groups and holding postures while maintaining balance. This yoga class aids in the student’s athletic performance and abilities in overall sports and fitness. **Yoga experience suggested.

Yoga for Weight Loss & Toning: This class incorporates yogic postures designed to target specific muscle groups to tone and strengthen the core, stimulate the thyroid, and increase the heart rate in order to maintain optimal weight. All levels of students.