Denver Yoga Classes

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Descriptions of our Denver Yoga Classes

All Levels Yoga: This class includes a well-rounded collection of breath techniques and classical yoga postures designed to increase alignment, strength, and flexibility, while maintaining focused concentration to balance the mind and body. This all level class welcomes new students as well as the seasoned practitioner.

A New Spin on Yoga: A hybrid workout combining the benefits of both spin and yoga. Enjoy 30 minutes of interval training on the spin bike to get your heart rate up to burn fat then enjoy 30 minutes of Yoga to stretch out and tone the muscles you worked. This 60 minute class is a complete mind and body work out.

Ansura Yoga: The Anusara yoga method is designed to serve students of any level of experience of ability. Although there are no set postural routines in Anusara yoga, classes are designed using the principles of sequencing.

Bliss Yoga: A deliciously slow paced class that brings any level of practitioner into a state of peace and calm. A combination of proper alignment and focused use of breath techniques improves the experience of asana on both physical and energetic levels.

Yoga for Weight Loss & Toning: When taking a hot yoga class, you should expect to sweat a lot, The heat is meant to help you achieve a deeper stretch for a better workout, but hot yoga shouldn’t be confused with an easier form of yoga. This class incorporates yogic postures designed to target specific muscle groups to tone and strengthen the core, stimulate the thyroid, and increase the heart rate in order to maintain optimal weight. All levels of students welcomed.

Power Yoga: This high energy class combines flowing classical yoga postures, Sun Salutations, and core strengthening movements to heat the body, while maintaining focus on the breath. Some yoga experience is suggested.

Sunrise Yoga: Rise up and create your day with this energizing yoga class that focuses on deep breathing practices, warm ups and sun salutations. This morning class also incorporates deep stretches to restore the mind and prepare the body for the day ahead. Offered to all levels of students.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Vinyasa is a “flow” based practice in that students will “flow” from one asana to the next. Vinyasa is literally translated from Sanskrit as meaning “connection,” this is interpreted as a connection between movement and breath. In our Vinyasa class we will make a mind body connection by flowing from one pose to the next using our breath. This class moves, so be ready to work!

Yoga for Athletes: This challenging yoga class focuses on classical yogic breath techniques and postures designed to increase heat, strength, and stability, by utilizing core muscle groups and holding postures while maintaining balance. This yoga class aids in the student’s athletic performance and abilities in overall sports and fitness. **Yoga experience suggested for these Denver yoga classes.