Our luxury day spa in Denver provides the high-end products you need to continue your skin and body care at home.

Sanitas Product Line at Oxford Spa Denver CO


Skincare Products
Body Products

Skincare Products
Sanitas Skincare

Sanitas Skincare products, created locally in Boulder, CO, feature active, biogenic, paraben-free and preservative-free ingredients in highly concentrated amounts that stimulate and nourish skin tissue. The end result is healthy, beautiful skin. The products are based on the simple, scientific formula: Skin Stimulation + Topical Nourishment = Healthy Skin.

Body Products
Moor Mud

The Moor Spa brand of Skin-Care, Body-Care, Treatment & Wellness products is based on the wonderful revitalizing, purifying and nutrient-rich properties of the unique 10,000 year old Austrian Deep Moor Essence. Moor Spa products use 100% Natural Source ingredients. No artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives are used, nor any petroleum-derived ingredients.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez is a simple, reliable, professional sun-free self tanning system that delivers professional results first time, every time. With its truly radical formulation, St. Tropez has become the iconic tanning brand of our age. And with a continual line of innovative products designed to deliver exactly the tan you want with a wealth of skin benefits, too, the future looks golden.

Me Bath

Since its debut, ME! Bath has become one of the fastest growing bath and body care companies on the market and our day spa in Denver carries it. ME! Bath originated from the basic principle to do simple things exceedingly well. Instead of the typical monotonous manufacturing process, each Bath Ice Cream is individually handmade with meticulous preparation and comprised of the highest quality ingredients. Having made a splash in the beauty industry and redefining luxury bathing, ME! Bath is instrumental in setting the trends in high end bath and body products.